Travelling Safely This Season

Traveling for some is a luxury, and for others, it’s a necessity; regardless of the exact purpose, people travel every single day. Traveling to new destinations, or going across the globe to visit family can be really exciting. However, just like booking a ticket and packing your luggage, there are some vital things that have to be put in place before checking in at the airport. These measures, ensure individuals are physically and mentally ready, as well as aware of certain risks that are associated with traveling as a whole. We have taken the time to outline some of the basic, yet imperative tips to traveling safely this season.

 Do your Research

As mentioned before, people travel for different reasons such as business, leisure and many more. However, now more than before, the need to research the city you’re transiting in as well as the final destination is extremely important. Having some basic information about the country, or a specific city will provide a deeper idea of what’s going on there. Vital information like the all-around crime rate, high-crime areas or health risks in such places can easily be discovered through adequate research.
It doesn’t really matter if you have been there several times; things change. Check one or two viable sites for valid information, as well as certain areas to avoid. If you really want up-to-date information on the happenings in a specific region, then a reputable travel agent is a sure bet on providing useful facts about the city and the country as a whole.

 Back-Up Information

There’s a new smart way of traveling; well, new for some and a must-do for others. Once your ticket is booked, ensure to leave details of the flight itinerary with a trusted relative or friend. This way, they can easily track your movements in the case of a delayed flight or any other delays at the airport. This will help loved ones know which flight you got on, while equally helping them stay calm since they have the full lowdown of your itinerary.

 Dress Casual

It’s in some people’s nature to be quite showy, so when it’s time to travel, they tend to ‘dress-up’ instead of keeping it simple. Choosing more casual clothes makes you less of a target in foreign cities. Thieves and scammers usually lookout for people who stand out. Your best bet at staying unrecognized or vulnerable is by trying to fit in, and getting as much knowledge as you can about the international and local airports, as well as the city. Try to blend in with other travelers, and maybe find someone who has been to the country before. They may be able to provide useful information on how to get around the city and the spots to avoid.

Practice Healthy Habits

Private road travels that comprise just you, family or friends are possibly the healthiest form of travel there is. When traveling with others on a plane, then it’s a whole different ball game. Different people touch the same areas as you would, so, getting yourself some hand sanitizer is important. Most airports, both international and local should have hand sanitizer dispensers at several points. However, it is better to carry along a personal one to have at your beck and call. Washing your hands as frequently as possible with medicated soap will equally help to keep you germ-free, reducing risks of contacting anything viral.

Stay Hydrated

This may sound casual and not as important, however, it’s a rule of thumb to always have a bottle of water at hand when traveling. Forget the frequent trips to the restroom, it’s totally worth it. This helps keep the body hydrated and energized throughout transit periods. Not having enough fluids could cause fatigue and even headaches, which could be mistaken for something else. It’s best to keep a bottle near you at every transit point and ask for water on the plane as well. This should keep you feeling your best, and alert as possible, throughout the trip.

Travelling doesn’t have to be scary or entirely risky, having the right information in your arsenal will make it even more intriguing and less of a nightmare. Practice these safe travel tips and enjoy all the benefits of traveling to new or routine destinations. We at Incel Tourism have got you covered with the best packages and information to make your trips hassle-free and fun-filled



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