Travel Hacks For The Season

It is no surprise that people look forward to the festive period and the many wonders it offers. Time with family, an excuse to put on a few extra pounds and the incredible decor are just a couple of holiday perks. There’s however a downside to it all; the pricey air tickets and even more overpriced ‘everything’ is nothing to look forward to.

The great thing about life is that sometimes when it hands you some lemons, it’s really easy to turn them into lemonade. In other words, what if there was a way to make traveling during the holidays a lot more pleasant? If you are in the market for an amazing holiday travel experience, we at INCEL Tourism have got you covered. Take a look at some of these well-thought-out hacks for a more seamless feel.

1. Look Out For Glitch Flights

You may have heard of these and given them the same amount of consideration you’d give a fly but, it is time to have a little faith, seeing as glitch flights are quite real. There are two things you need to nail in order to get yourself a glitch flight; timing and patience. So, say goodbye to those spur of the moment trips and plan in advance instead. It is even more advisable to put a fare alert on the trip and wait for it to miraculously go down one day – OK, it is not so much a miracle as it is an actual glitch in the system. Seeing as the airline industry handles an insane amount of flights every day, once in a while there’s a mix-up and it slashes ticket prices to shreds. It happens more often than you think, so stay alert and you could be going on holiday for a quarter of the original price.

2. Travel On A Holiday

Typically, no one wants to be in the air on Christmas, Easter or any other major holiday but, desperate times call for some desperate measures. The festive period offers up some pretty high volumes when it comes to traveling as a whole. Simply exploit the fact that most people would like to get to their destinations before the actual holiday arrives. For that reason, not only will traveling on an actual holiday mean a less packed airport but in some cases, it also means the ticket prices will be a lot cheaper. Say goodbye to the long check-in lines and even longer queues through immigration. Simply soar through and save a few bucks that could further be used to make the festive period more memorable.

3. Travel With A Decoy Wallet/Purse

Unfortunately, there’s crime everywhere and you are just as likely to get mugged on the streets of a city in Europe as you are on the streets of a city in Africa. Travelers and tourists are always advised to be aware of their surroundings because, these people can spot a newbie in a crowd. In fact, their antennas are a lot more sensitive during the holidays. Ensure that all your ‘flexing money’ isn’t lifted off you and plant a decoy in its stead. You can even get a little creative and fill it with old bus passes, expired credit/debit cards and monopoly money if you really want to go there. You can always count on muggers to get far away from the scene of the crime before checking and by then, you’ll be having a good laugh.

4. Save Space By Rolling Not Folding

Gift-giving is a common part of the festive season and even more so when you’ve just gotten back from a trip. Chances are that the people back home are going to be expecting a little something. It can be a bit hard to fit everything in your suitcase especially since you’ll probably pick a few up for yourself. Thankfully, there’s a way around it, rather than folding your clothes roll each of them tightly. Taking it a notch higher, put the rolled-up clothes in zip-lock bags and you will be startled at how much space you have freed up for presents, souvenirs, and the rest.

5. Suspend The Wrapping Till You Get Home

It’s tempting to want to get the presents you buy all wrapped up at the shop instead of waiting till you’re back in your home country. To be honest, the people at the shop do a bang-up job so it’s totally understandable. Keep this in mind, the whole packing, checking and unpacking process can take a huge toll on wrapping paper. You may get home to find it all crinkled, or even worse, you may be required to tear it open yourselves while getting checked in. You do not have to suffer through all this, simply pack the wrapping paper with you or wrap it once you reach your destination. It may not look as pretty, but there will be no wasted effort there.


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