Must-Visit Destinations This Holiday Season  

With the holidays finally upon us, there are a handful of things people look forward to; giving and receiving gifts make up a large part but, shared moments and experiences are a lot more meaningful in the long run. One of the best ways to make lasting memories is to go on a vacation; be it a solo or joint adventure, every moment spent exploring and (of course) lounging will be etched across time in the confines of your mind. Dare to be different this season and check out some of these must-visit destinations for the holidays.

  1. Dubai

Dubai is a magical city all on its own when you add the glamor of the festive season, the city is further transformed into an irresistible place to visit. There’s no white Christmas in Dubai,making it perfect for people looking to soak in some warmth towards the year end. With highs of 26 ̊C and lows of 17 ̊C, get ready to enjoy the outdoor sites that the largest city in the UAE has to offer. Rather than taking the conventional drive into the desert and going to see the bellydancers, get into the mood for the season by attending fairs, festivals and stopping by the themed markets. After all, it wouldn’t be the holidays without a little bit of shopping.

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  1. Calabar, Nigeria

It may be a quaint oceanside town for most part of the year however, once the holidays are around the corner, Calabar comes alive. Anyone looking to switch it up for the holidays would be thrilled by the month-long  Carnival which is by far one of the greatest street parties on the continent. In addition to all the fun, Calabar is said to house some of the finest cuisines in the nation, so it’s definitely a win-win situation. Ready to get your groove on? Click here

  1. Nairobi

Holding the title of East Africa’s most metropolitan city is no small feat. Even more impressive is the perfect blend of culture and modern advancement. There isn’t a region in the country more indicative of the true identity of its inhabitants. The holidays offer up all the usual delights with a little sprinkle of that festive magic. Simply take a hike in some of the finest National parks and forest reserves, or try something modern and fun like go-karting. You can even indulge in some family time and have a picnic while soaking in all the beauty of the land around you. There’s something for everyone. Make this fantasy nature quest a reality, by booking a trip with us. It’s just a click away.

  1. Cape Verde

When in doubt, pick an island. ‘Hidden Treasure’, these two words are an embodiment of the current image of Cape Verde. Tucked away in the Atlantic, this cluster of islands offers up perfect weather all year and the most breathtaking sights ever. Visitors have the luxury of taking in and exploring the colonial heritage of the region, even more fascinating is the contrast of the latter with the rich culture of the locals. The natural scenery is also a must-see, a land borne out of volcanoes should be more than enough to hold your attention. Have a go at it this festive season and experience the wonder first-hand.


  1. Ghana

It may be a small region located on the Gulf of Guinea, but it has so much to offer both outsiders and its inhabitants. This is a perfect destination for a warm Christmas and an even better one for party animals. As the festivities draws near, an array of events crop up all around the nation but fret not, the parties don’t swallow up other fun activities. Explore the culture of the region through its delicious cuisine, traditional sites, and rich textile industry. Best believe that there’s a plethora of activity just waiting to be explored. All this fun and adventure has never been more accessible, simply click here to book a trip with us.


  1. Brazil

The holidays connote some big-time celebrations in this part of the world. All the different cultural values in the region seep into the festivities making it a large and colorful event. There are decorations put up everywhere and carolers scattered in the streets. Seeing as it is predominantly Christian, get ready for a hoard of religious ceremonies and midnight masses. This makes ample room for family time nonetheless, there’s provision for anyone looking to party. The new year celebrations in Brazil are off the chart, best believe that they bring out the big guns. It’s not enough to read about it, go there and take it all in.



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