How to Plan a Trip on a Budget

There’s a common misconception that people who constantly satisfy their wanderlust have lots of zeros attached to their bank account. Surprisingly, this is not always the case, with a little planning here and there, you could be on the verge of taking your best vacation yet. Best believe that there’s a method to this madness and once you’ve figured it out, you too can join the ranks of jet setters. The truth is that everyone loves to travel, though some may hate the process, there’s something really refreshing about going somewhere new. So, rather than visiting all those destinations in your dreams, here are some handy tips that will make those dreams a reality, and at a steal too.

Look Out For Package Deals

You may feel like you’ll get a better bang for the buck when you personally and meticulously plan everything yourself. The truth is that vacations become a whole lot cheaper when the cost of accommodation, transportation, feeding among other things are combined. Even better is the fact that the agencies offering up these packages have access to deals that you’d never find without the same connections. Altogether, getting yourself a great package deal really takes a lot of pressure off you during the planning phase. An added plus is the fact that it ensures that your budget can easily be laid out.

Choose Your Splurges

You may be tempted to be extremely decadent while on vacation, once those thoughts fill your head, stop yourself. Yes, a little splurging here and there can do no harm but make sure you don’t go overboard. It is helpful to write all your indulgences and then proceed to pick out the first or second option at the top of that list. Once that is done, go all out when it comes to your topmost picks, and only them. Of course, this means giving up a handful of other indulgences; big and small. It is however, a win-win situation seeing as you can still say you got to live a little while doing so within your means.

Draw Out A Budget Before You Leave

It’s easy to arrive at your vacation destination and suddenly get the urge to throw caution to the wind, there’s something about being out of your usual space that really brings out the YOLO mentality. In order to get ahead of this, draw out a budget before the trip begins. Spending willy nilly is tempting, but it never ends well. In fact, this is why people love package deals, since almost everything is accounted for, there’s little or no room to think about going on a spending spree. In the case that you are opting out of getting a package deal, a well laid out budget is the next best thing. Once you have some money set aside for the trip, come up with an amount that you can easily spend on a daily basis without going broke. Stick to it religiously and peace of mind is sure to follow.

Embrace The Stopovers

Everyone wants to be able to fly directly to their destination, but in most, if not all cases this costs a lot. If you are going to take a vacation on a budget, then be ready to sacrifice a little bit of comfort along the line. Don’t simply do a random flight search on google, best believe that you are going to end up with some pretty pricey options on your hands. Rather, with the use of trusted apps or in collaboration with the airlines look for budget-friendly flights (which may or may not include a few stopovers). Let’s face it, there will probably be a stopover or two, but that will all be a vague memory once you create even better ones while on vacation.

Pick a Pocket-friendly Destination

Planning a trip on a budget, unfortunately, means that you will be a bit limited when it comes to picking a destination. One of the easiest ways to save a whole lot while on vacation is to look out for pocket-friendly spots. The standard of living at your desired destination should be taken into consideration. While doing this, also explore the option of traveling during the shoulder season, which is simply the opposite of peak season. Doing this will shave off a lot when it comes to airfare and in turn, free up some extra funds for the actual vacation.

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