Hot New Destinations in Africa

Africa is no doubt a developing continent with so much to offer. Each year, we see different countries upping their game and investing more in tourism. It may seem tempting to plan a trip to other countries on continents like Europe, Asia, America, and the likes, yet right here, across Africa, there’s a vast array of rich scenery and culture to explore. When we think African destinations, the mind quickly races to South Africa, Kenya, Zanzibar and of course, Egypt, but here are a few exciting new destinations to put on your ‘must-travel-to-‘ list.

1. Cape Verde

A good number of avid travelers have been booking tickets to Cape Verde or Cabo Verde as it’s alternatively known. When you see the beautiful scenery, beaches, and landscapes, you’ll definitely understand why. Cape Verde is situated off the West Coast of Africa and is still quite a new tourist attraction. It boasts of about 10 islands floating in the Atlantic Ocean, making it a great getaway for travelers who love blue and white-sanded beaches. It’s also a great escape from the cultures you’re familiar with into a brand new blended and rich culture. There’s a dominant African presence of course, with a bit of Brazilian blended in there. Cape Verde has in no doubt become the ‘African-Caribbean’ with tasty food, colorful towns, and exotic beaches. It’s similar to what you’d find in the likes of the Dominican Republic. Go through the busy town of Santa Maria, explore the beautiful surf stores, local restaurants, craft shops and cozy hotels lined up across the beaches. This should make you want to pack your bags and just… GO. Our travel package to Cape Verde would help you do that. Click here

2. Diana Beach, Kenya

Kenya is mostly known for her rich wildlife and abundance of safaris, but what no one ever mentioned is their equally breathtaking and beautiful beaches. Kenya Diani Beach has been behind the backdrops for many years while other popular parts took all the glory. In recent years, the Island popped out from obscurity, becoming a frequent destination for a good number of foreigners. There are miles and miles of gorgeous white sands to sink your feet into. There’s also aquamarine waters that are absolutely beautiful and great for those timely selfies. If you love adventure, then there’s the daring opportunity to swim with the sharks! Yes, you heard right. From February to April, the whale sharks are kind enough to share the waters with some fearless travelers who love the challenge (protected of course). It’s equally one of the most fabulous places to go kite-surfing or venture out for a great safari trip. Did you know INCEL Tourism has one of the best travel packages to Kenya? Click here to check it out.

3. Reunion Island

Surrounded by a great mass of waters, this Island is situated in the warmth of the Indian Ocean. Just at the East of Madagascar, this rare and extremely beautiful Island lies silently. Many people have never even heard of it, yet it’s one of the most unique island paradises in the world. The French discovered the island a long time ago and have since claimed it as their own. so it’s basically a part of France floating in an entirely different continent and time zone. Thanks to how fast tourism in Africa is growing, this secret Paradise keeps on getting more and more popular as the years go by, and for good reasons. The first thing to take into consideration is the active Volcano on the island called piton de la Fournaise. There’s a lot of colorful vegetation and beautiful wildlife across the island, as well as waters filled with a diversity of marine life. What’s even better is the rich culture that’s offered; a blend of India, China, Africa, and Creole with, of course, their French heritage. That means a practically unlimited cuisine, with so much to learn about the different languages and cultures. This Island is surprisingly very developed, with long, smooth roads, in fact, it has the most expensive roads in France. The six-lane highway emerges from the Ocean, with extremely sturdy pillars supporting the structure, it’s definitely a sight to see. Offering a lot to take in, this extremely beautiful island features beautiful greenery, aqua-marine beaches, white sands, and breathtaking scenery.

4. Rwanda

Rwanda has come a long way over the years, and the least we can do is to stop and applaud the previously war-torn country. Silently and slowly, this formerly infamous country rose to be cleanest countries in Africa, while developing steadily to the awe of others. Situated in East Africa, it’s home to about 6 active volcanoes. With beautiful hills surrounding the beautiful Nation, it has quite the landscape. Volcanoes might be dangerous, but they are also quite a sight to see when they aren’t spewing hot lava, that is. They equally foster a generation of unique flora, which is very common to the Rwandan people. Paying a visit to the Volcanoes National Park will afford you the opportunity of seeing the famous mountain gorillas as well as golden monkeys. Rwanda is also the home to the 6th largest lake in Africa, and the beautiful waters provide a wide range of water activities from kayaking to boat tours. Get pampered in this fast-rising country, with beautiful resorts, mountain view hotels, and attractive wildlife.


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