Honeymoon in Singapore on a budget

“Hurry up honey our ride is here” Michael called from the living room, today is the day we’ve been looking forward to after the wedding, our honeymoon getaway in the summer.

Michael and I were determined to have an amazing honeymoon without blowing our entire savings.
Singapore might not be the first place that pops into your head for a budget-friendly trip but trust us, it’s doable! We found some fantastic deals on flights and accommodation, and by planning our activities strategically, we were able to experience the best of what this vibrant city has to offer without breaking the bank.

Finding Our Affordable Haven:

Singapore, Republic of Singapore – May 4, 2016: Supertree grove, Cloud garden greenhouse and Marina Bay Sands hotel reflecting in water at dusk with glowing lights

First things first, accommodation. We opted for a Bed & Breakfast package through our travel agent. They hooked us up with a comfortable stay at the Hotel Lavender, It was clean, close to public transportation, and had a delicious breakfast spread to fuel our adventures every morning.

Exploring on a Budget:
Singapore is a city that thrives on experiences, and thankfully, many of those experiences are surprisingly affordable! Here are some highlights from our trip: Free Fun: We started with exploring the free sights! Gardens by the Bay is a must-see, with its futuristic Supertrees and stunning floral displays. We also wandered around the Marina Bay area, marveling at the architectural wonders like the Merlion statue and Marina Bay Sands. Pro tip: Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy in these beautiful settings!

Cultural Gems: We soaked up some history at the National Museum of Singapore (free admission for citizens and permanent residents of Singapore) and learned about the rich cultural tapestry of the country. We also visited Little India and Chinatown, indulging in delicious and affordable street food along the way.

Unique Experiences: One of our favorite budget-friendly activities was the Lazy Day Cruise. We enjoyed a relaxing boat ride along the Singapore River, taking in the sights and enjoying a delicious lunch with stunning views. It was the perfect way to spend a leisurely afternoon.

Insider Tips for Budget Travelers:
Public Transportation is King:
Embrace Hawker Centers:
Free Activities Galore:

Our Verdict:
Is Singapore on a budget? Absolutely! We had an unforgettable honeymoon, filled with exploration, delicious food, and unique experiences – all without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for a vibrant and exciting honeymoon destination without the hefty price tag, contact inceltourism for easy travel experience

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