Fun Things To Do; Post Covid19

Yaay!!! the lockdown has finally been lifted albeit, with some stringent rules and regulations attached. We daresay, you deserve a change of scenery after being holed up at home for almost 4 months!

This begs the question; what fun thing can I do now that the lockdown has been lifted? Not to worry, we’ve got this covered! Below is a list of fun activities post covid.

1. Just Step Out Of The House:

This sounds weird, but when you think about it, the realization suddenly hits you! The smell of fresh air in your nostrils and the feel against your skin, the most welcome view of the ground and sky, the feeling of freedom that comes with it is totally surreal.
Stepping out also serves as a much-needed daily exercise routine since all gyms are still closed down due to the social distancing rule. Cycle, jog, sprint, walk and keep fit.


2. Satisfy Your Cravings:

No, don’t laugh… This is serious! Your new found freedom comes with the responsibility of feeding your body with the much-needed food cravings, you’ve been without for 4 whole months but don’t get carried away. Cheers to eating to your hearts content!


3. Get Your Glam On:

Visit the salon please! That bushy look needs to be addressed ASAP! Come out looking fresh and ready to take on the world like the royalty that you are.

4. Visit a drive-in cinema:

Yes! We now have drive-in cinemas in major states of the country! You get the full cinema experience in the comfort of your car while also, maintaining the social distancing rule. How cool is that?
You can search the web for more information concerning cinemas in Nigeria that offer the drive-in services.

5. Organize Online Parties and Games:

Be unconventional! Throw an online party and invite friends. Dance, gist, play , laugh and have an all-round fun experience.



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