A Tourist’s Guide to Cape Verde

Cape Verde is not just a new tourist attraction; it is a beautiful Island hidden in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and connects 10 clusters of Islands scattered across by a historic Volcanic eruption. Being the perfect mix between the Portuguese culture and African culture, there’s a rich array of food, architecture, and music influenced by both cultures. It is equally full of marine and wildlife that are sure to amaze.
It is slowly and surely rising to be one of the topmost tourist destinations in the world, promising a rich culture, beautiful resorts and guest houses, colorful Caribbean-like towns, white-sand beaches, and gorgeously blue waters. Here’s a little insight into the Cape Verde Island.

Attractions in Cape Verde

  • Boa Vista


What’s a nice get-away vacation without some nice shopping at the side? Well in the buzzing town of Boa Vista, there’s a shopping square to feast your eyes on and of course, pick up some souvenirs. From African Batik clothes to traditional wooden crafts and sculptures, the choices abound.

  • Cidade Velha:

This small town boasts of being the first European settlement on the Island with an array of historical sites to explore. Walk through the untouched ruins dating back to the 1600s. This town has survived the throngs and ravaging of pirates, slave traders and the likes, and somehow today, the remains are naturally displayed for our pure delight.

  • Sal:

This paradise island is one of the most popular targets for tourists, and there’s no wonder why. The extra-white sands with evaporated salt deposits make it a spectacle to both locals and foreigners. For those with more thrill for extreme sports, scuba diving is allowed on the water, with a lot of side attractions to see. Shipwrecks, reefs, and overhangs greeting every tourist as they fleet by, is such a site to take in. It is important to stick to the safety guide when swimming or enjoying water activities. The safety color codes should guide you; green is for safe, yellow for areas to be cautious and red for areas where you should absolutely not wander to. Enjoy the beautiful sunsets at the shoreline while enjoying the tropical drinks and food the beach restaurants have to offer.

  • Fogo:

Fogo which is Portuguese for fire, is quite apt in this case as it boasts a wonderful view of the fiery volcanic mountains peak, popularly known as Pico de Fogo which? can be sighted from the craters west to the region. Most of the hotels, restaurants and guest houses are majorly situated at Sao Felipe which happens to be the Islands’ biggest city. In the busy but not crowded city, you’d find Portuguese inspired houses, but what’s even more breathtaking is how colorful the city is.

  • Sao Vincente:

Known to be the island’s music hub, this city is one of the most classy and sophisticated of them all. Every year, during the full moon in August, a lovely cultural 3-day festival is thrown to celebrate Cape Verdean Music.

Where to Stay

  •  Pestana Tropico Hotel, Santiago

Surrounded by a large pool, the Pestana Tropico hotel provids cozy rooms with quite a generous space capacity. There’s a bar and restaurant in the hotel as well if you would like to experiment with the diverse seafood and traditional cuisines.

  • Hotel Oasis Atlantico Porto Grande, Sao Vicente

Boasting of a grand pool area, this international hotel is fairly large with an equally beautiful and widely-spaced terrace. The Restaurant is more international, serving nice starters, exotic desserts, and sauces.

Safety and Security

Cape Verde is generally known as a safe and serene environment for locals and foreigners alike. It is still very important to be vigilant and keep an eye on your bags, purses, and wallets. Leave valuable documents, accessories and the likes at your hotel room to avoid any major loss. If you are a victim of any crime attacks, call this number immediately to contact the local police – (132)

Additional Tip

You may also want to get a language guide book to help get through discussions with the locals. Some of the locals at popular hotels and restaurants know how to speak English, but it’s better to go well prepared.
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