A New Era for Nigerian Travellers to London

History was made on March 30th, 2023, as Air Peace, Nigeria’s leading airline, launched its inaugural flight from Lagos to London! This milestone signifies a major leap forward for Nigerian travelers, the travel industry, and the nation’s economy.

Air Peace Innagural Flight to London

A New Dawn for Travelers:
This historic flight signifies a new era of affordable luxury for Nigerians traveling to London. Air Peace’s entry into the market fosters competition, potentially leading to lower fares across the board for all airlines. Travelers can now enjoy a more convenient and cost-effective travel experience.

Benefits for the Nigerian Economy:
Air Peace’s London route creates a ripple effect, boosting the Nigerian economy in several ways:
Job Creation: The airline’s expansion translates to new jobs for pilots, cabin crew, ground staff, and other personnel within the aviation sector.

Foreign Exchange: More travelers flying Air Peace keep foreign exchange circulating within the Nigerian economy.

Tourism Growth: Easier access to London could attract more British tourists to Nigeria, boosting the tourism industry.

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