8 Important Travel Tips for Packing

No doubt there is this rush of excitement that fill our hearts whilst getting ready for a trip abroad. The excitement becomes even more intense when this place is somewhere, we probably have seen only in the movies or simply read in books. However, the thought of packing for this anticipated trip can be quite overwhelming, especially in making the choice of what to carry along.

Relax! It’s not abnormal to feel quite confused at this point; YOU ARE NOT ALONE, Incel Tourism Limited has got you covered!
Below are some tips we’ve gathered to take you off the hook of a stressful ‘packing’ moment:

1. Start with A List

When packing for your trip, write a list of the essentials you will need for your trip. In order not to forget any essentials, it is important to note them down as they come to mind. This will also give you are graphic picture of the things that are needed and the things that are not. Also, it is most advisable to go for clothes that can serve dual purposes and can easily be paired with multiple items.

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2. Know Your Airline’s Baggage Policy

Knowledge is power! With this in regards to travelling, it’s important to know the dos and don’ts at the airport, as this will help guide in selecting what to put in the back and what not to in order not to get hooked paying for extra luggage charges. This will also help in avoiding to become a defaulter during various searches at the airport. Do you know you can save up to 50% by purchasing extra luggage online rather than buying it at the airport? Yes, you can! And we are right here to give you all the best travel consultancy tips possible.

3. Keep Travel Documents Separately

To save you a lot of stress, make sure all your travel documents are not so far into your luggage. For instance, things like your ticket and hotel voucher should come in handy. Putting these documents in envelopes within easy to reach bags will help a great deal.

4. Don’t Fold Clothes, Roll Them
When you fold your clothes, it takes up more space than when you roll them. This helps you create more spaces to add other smaller items. This is simply a nifty tip for those of us who pack 4 weeks’ worth of luggage for a 4-day trip. It’s fine, breathe. We are here for YOU.

5. Keep Sample Sizes and Freebies

Toiletries can be bulky and take up a lot of space, so if possible, just pack sample sizes or pour into a smaller bottle for easier reach. You can also take advantage of your hotel toiletries, they’re all yours.

6. Store Pieces of jewelry and Valuables in A Container

You don’t have to travel with that most prized diamond ring, you can leave it at home. Keep your jewelry in smaller compartments and avoid keeping your valuables near the top of your bag to avoid them easily picked or falling off.

7. Pimp Your Suitcase

There is a chance that someone else has the replica of your suitcase so it is advisable you pimp your ride, sorry, bag (loved that show) so that it could be easily identified. You could use a ribbon or add stickers… Whichever way you want it, just add something unique to make it easily identifiable.

8. Pack A Mini First Aid Box

Avoid the rush and stress of looking for a pharmacy in a foreign country, pack basic medicines like Paracetamol, pain relievers, plaster, eye drops and ointment. If you are on a prescription, keep the drugs very handy for easy accessibility.

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